Fishing and Fly Fishing can be enjoyed at both East Blue and West Blue Lakes. East Blue has produced Manitoba's record Rainbow Trout as well as Splake and Lake Trout. West Blue is host also to Lake Trout, Walleye and Brown Trout. There are also several additional species of fish within an 18 mile/30 km radius of Blue Lakes Resort such as Arctic Char, Perch, Pike, and Small Mouth Bass, which are just waiting to be caught. For the fisherman who wishes to fish in a more reclusive location, take a short ATV trip to George Lake or one of the other nearby outback lakes, where you can enjoy a serene fishing experience. Fishing in the Duck Mountains can be an awesome experience for all ages and levels of expertise.



Hunters of the Duck Mountain region (GHA 18) are successful most often.
The various choices for hunting make it such a diverse area that any hunter will be satisfied. Within this vast region there are opportunities to hunt moose, elk, white tailed deer, bear, partridge and grouse.

Blue Lakes Resort offers accommodations for hunters and assistance with Big Game retrieval.