Canoeing is a great way to get to know the Duck Mountains from a different perspective. These scenic canoe routes give you a chance to get in touch with the natural beauty of ‘The Ducks’. For those real canoe enthusiasts an over night canoe trip is the perfect challenge. You can also do many of the canoe routes in the kayaks we supply. With all of the various routes, no matter what your skill level or preference is, you’re sure to find a great canoe route just for you!

Chain Lakes Canoe Route (5.8 km)
One of the most popular choices, this beautiful route can be done as a day trip, or an over night camp out. There are designated spots to set up camp, and fire pits are provided. The routes are very well marked and maps are also available! Portages are short, enabling access to a series of small sheltered lakes in the chain. You might even catch yourself a few fish! All overnight campers must register at the Blue Lake campground.

Beaver Lake Canoe Route (6.4 km)
This challenging and scenic route can also be done as a day trip, or an overnight camp out. There are outhouses provided and specific areas for setting up camp and having a fire. All overnight campers must register at Wellman Lake campground.

Blue Lakes Canoe Route
This route begins right at our beach and leads you on a journey across East Blue Lake with a short portage to a small but picturesque lake called Shilliday. From Shilliday you’ll take another portage and finish at West Blue Lake. This is perfect for the first-time canoers, or for those of you looking for a relaxing light paddle. We are happy to assist you with your expedition.

Throughout the park there are designated trails for ATVs. While traveling the ATV trails you get to see all kinds of terrain from flat grass areas, to rough wetlands, to thick brush. You get to explore the vast forest of Duck Mountain that is virtually undisturbed. An example of one of the more popular trails is the Mossberry Trail. Many consider this trail as one of the best in the park! You’re sure to see something new and exciting around every corner!

Scuba Diving
The clarity and depths of East and West Blue lakes have made them popular destinations for Scuba diving enthusiasts. Be sure you have all the proper equipment and training to keep this a safe and fun activity. Don’t worry if you don’t Scuba dive, a snorkel and a pair of flippers will also give you a wonderful opportunity to see these beautiful lakes.

Birds, Photography and Flowers
If you want to take home a bit of Blue Lakes with you, be sure to take your camera along your canoe trip, hike or ATV ride! There are beautiful flowers scattered among the brush which makes for great pictures. Many bird enthusiasts find the Duck Mountains a great place to find many birds native to Manitoba and Canada. So be sure to have your camera ready at all times because there is always picture worthy scenery in ‘The Ducks’.